EQ000083Ah, Anguish. The early part of my weekend was spent completing this zone as my enchanter, duoing with Oger, a shadowknight. We were there for a few reasons but top of that list was to obtain some orbs for the epic 2.0 that I hoped my paladin would eventually get. I boxed my ranger along for the ride, she also needed an orb. When the names fell I swapped out for the paladin to get loot. The gear was a huge upgrade over what I was wearing, and I was pretty excited about the whole ordeal. I was also pleased as punch that we managed to solo the final two named in the zone, we’re not raid geared at all and mercenary are not allowed – but the hardest part is that these mobs can deathtouch unless you cure. Thankfully my weak ranger cure was enough to take care of it.

The paladin also managed to earn her first 100 aa (slightly over, now) with Oger and my ranger in Bloodfields. It was a lot of fun, and I’m happily riding around on my new instant cast unicorn mount.

Later on in the evening we decided it was time to tackle the Paladin epic chains. I wanted to start with 1.0 and do them in order, but I quickly ran into issues. I need to complete Ghoulbane, not a problem. Also need to complete Soulfire. Not a huge issue. I need a handful of named mobs – I’m currently waiting on the thought destroyer in plane of hate. I was going to skip the 1.0 for now and begin the 1.5 pre-quest however that quest needs the Hand of Maestro almost at the beginning, and he wasn’t up when I was there yesterday. Either way, I have a lot of camping ahead of me. Thankfully I have both parts of the book of scale already, so I don’t need to camp any dragons. I’m also looking to start the epic quests on my ranger, but I’d really like to finish the paladin first. We’ll see how it goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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