EQ000086My paladin had been camping plane of hate for the past four days, trying to get the thought destroyer to spawn, or rather, waiting for the mob to spawn. There’s no place holders and the only thing you can do is wait. I placed my ranger on the spawn point because at least that way I could track, and the ranger is on my second account so my main account was at least free for other adventures. After three days of checking in I finally found the mob up and managed to get my drop. This means I can continue on with my epic quest although right now I’m working on soulfire which is another part of the paladin 1.0 epic.

I was hoping that Maestro would be up because then I could work on the paladin 1.5 pre-quest but I wasn’t quite that lucky. I did catch the hand of maestro up, that mob is used in the warrior epic quest. I looted the item because you can MQ it, and who knows maybe one day I’ll actually have a warrior.

Anyhow. As luck would have it, Innoruuk also showed up on track! I didn’t really need to kill this boss, but I wanted to, so badly. So I logged my paladin in, and the ranger took out her tank mercenary, and we set out to first defeat the false Innoruuk, and then the real one after. The mob was still a red con to my 70 paladin, and a light blue to the ranger at 89. While these encounters are far easier than they would have been for their time, there is still a challenge – which is exactly why I’ve been playing EverQuest these days. There were some tricky moments when I wasn’t sure if the paladin was going to make it, or if the mercenary may die, and I did have to use lay hands to keep the tank up, but in the end we won, and ah what a feeling that was.

I tried to camp a few more named in the hopes that a corrupted emerald would drop for the ranger, but alas my luck in EverQuest has never been that great. For now I’m content to move on with the paladin epic.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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