Screenshot-190I managed to get another session in with my legacy family (or rather, founder, she’s not in a family yet). It’s very slow going but I believe that’s the point. Because she doesn’t have a real house yet it’s difficult to keep her mood up, and she requires a good mood for her job – as such she has yet to be promoted but I think that may be happening the next time I play which would be great because you always get a little bonus when you get promoted.

This was the hardest play session so far because it was leisure day and she had the day before and after off. That’s a lot of days with no work, and no money. I ran to the festival grounds to try to participate in some hotdog contests and hopefully win some tickets which I could then use to buy a handful of items and sell them back to a vendor. I really want walls. However, it turns out eating hot dogs is not my forte. I came in second both times (and there was only myself and one other participating) which gave me 5 tickets, enough for the lowest prize which I immediately sold. I had roughly $160 to my name and walls are really expensive.

I left the fair and headed to a local fishing hole, which as luck would have it came with a grill where I could make hotdogs for no cost! I filled up on these and did some fishing. All my hard work really paid off when I caught two minnow that sold for $5 each.

Getting there. Slowly.

Back home after three days of eating hot dogs and fishing adventures. I was getting tired of the dishes piling up on the table I owned since I had no sink, so I got rid of the table and chair and decided I could sit on the ground to eat. I purchased a sink. Now I can at least do my dishes, brush my teeth, and wash my hands. I had just enough money left over to afford a SINGLE wall, and put a toilet against that wall. I tried just purchasing the toilet which did not work at all. You must have a wall.

So there it sits. In the middle of my housing lot. A shower. A single wall. My toilet. A sink. A stove. A fridge, and my trusty sleeping bag.

Isn’t life great.

3 thoughts on “Legacy Family – Day 3 #TS3 #TheSims3”
  1. Somewhat late I guess (I blame it on my RSS reader) but here is a recommendation for starting out:

    If the town your sim lives in has a fire station, you can use that for food (they have a fridge and I believe a grill in the back), their bathroom and even the bed. They also have a nice TV if your sim needs some fun.

    If there is no fire station you could use the shower at the gym or pool. I *think* some beaches may also have a public house that has a fridge and stove too… But that might be me just misremembering one of my sim’s dates. And you already know the grill option at the park. :)

    I’d recommend trying to get another of the townies into your household too for the money and any useful skill. But looking at the rules there seems to be some restrictions against it so it might not be a good idea.

    In any case, I hope you keep at it and have fun playing. It is challenging but can be pretty fun. :)

  2. I still find this experience really compelling. I’m always drawn to ‘start from nothing and build up’ games and you’re certainly doing that!! Thanks for sharing.

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