EQ000088This weekend (and since Thursday, actually) was double experience for EverQuest – and boy did I ever take advantage of it. Lets start with the fun stuff. Oger, myself, and Miles decided we would head to the Theater of Blood which is also known as the Plane of Music. This zone was absolutely beautiful, and while it wasn’t our main goal my paladin did get a nice selection of class specific gear. Our real goal was to complete the Deathkneel Event #1 – Tolling of Dissonance Bells. I’ve been trying to get a fast mount for my ranger. My enchanter was lucky enough to have one given to her through an LoN claim, but the ranger doesn’t have that sort of luck. When I box and have the ranger on autofollow she always gets left behind. The item I was hoping for was Ghostrider’s Bridle – but alas even though we managed to complete the zone twice, the bridle never dropped. This zone is a pain to do especially if you’re only three people. What we had was Miles using decap on mobs that would slowly meander their way towards a set of bells in the center of a room. We had to do enough damage and prevent them from reaching the middle, and these guys are hard. The first time we tried things didn’t quite work out and we failed the event. Starting over the second run went much smoother. The mount did not drop, so we switched out characters to alts and made a second run. No mount again that time but that’s alright we still had fun and I did get a couple of items for the paladin. A nice earring clicky that gives an aura to the group was the biggest win of the evening, and I was able to loot it on both the paladin and the ranger.

Speaking of the ranger. I started the weekend at level 89, and I had planned on reaching level 92 with the character. I figured that would be a nice goal for myself and it wouldn’t be too difficult but would provide a bit of a challenge. Thanks to some wonderful groups with Oger, Miles, Sunnie, and Jevar, my 89 ranger is now level 95. This is the highest level required for headshot, so I am quite pleased for multiple reasons. The ranger is on my second account which means that helping characters on my main account just got a lot easier. I decked her out in RoF T1 gear, and picked up a handful of spells (Rk 1 for now, I can’t afford the Alaran Cantrips that are going for far too much in the bazaar).

While the ranger gained 6 levels, the enchanter also managed to earn around 800 aa over the course of the weekend. I didn’t play her much on Sunday because there wasn’t enough room in group but she didn’t do too badly for herself. A huge thank you to the group of folks I’ve been playing with lately, they really do make the game quite a bit of fun.

As always happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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