Screenshot-203I have walls! Sort of. My little legacy sim is starting to move up in the world. See, winter is coming, and as much as my sim enjoys sleeping outside on the lawn, it’s starting to get mighty cold out there. Before too long snow will come, and my sim could potentially freeze outside. I don’t want the legacy to be over before I even get started!

She finally got a promotion from a dish washer to a spice runner. I am not exactly sure what is involved in a spice runner job, but it pays more and that’s what matters. I’ve been trying to get my little sim into a relationship because that’s the whole point of this legacy family, being able to play through 10 generations, but so far she’s having absolutely no luck at all.

Screenshot-199Above she’s pictured sleeping on the floor at a friends place. This was before I had walls, and I had to leave because he kicked me out. Come on, what are friends for if not to crash at their place?!

Now that I don’t have to worry about freezing to death, I can focus on her relationships and friendships, as well as work. Because her moods tend to sink due to the weather I’m hoping she’ll be able to get a few more promotions, earn a bit more money, and maybe one day get an actual house instead of just a toilet room where she unrolls her sleeping bag.

So far the game has been incredibly fun playing this way. Oh, and yes, I removed my stove so I could afford the wallpaper.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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