Screenshot-229I was starting to get a bit frustrated at the lack of progress my Legacy sim was making, but I think it was due to my short play sessions, so today I sat down for a good chunk of time in the evening and tried really hard to progress the storyline, which as you can tell by the screenshot above -worked!

That’s right, I am now finally on my way to starting the second generation of legacy sims. Although I will admit, right now, I’m also incredibly afraid. See, my little sim was having issues meeting anyone. She was asked on a few dates and almost every single guy said he was involved with someone else. Go figure!

Eventually she met a nice man (who was single), began dating, and proposed. He shot her down four times before she eventually wore away at his dreams and he accepted. There was only one problem.


Really?! A mime? A whole town of sims to choose from and she goes and falls in love with a MIME?! So the first thing she had him do after their private wedding was change jobs. Yep, that’s just the sort of woman she is. So Mr. Legacy sim is now a scientist. Much more respectable.

Since it took 5 tries to get engaged, of course it was only logical that it require the same amount of “woohoo” for her to get pregnant. Don’t let the Sims 3 fool you, there’s a reason it’s rated teen! Eventually on her last attempt I purchased the fertility life reward. Finally she was with child. Of course now she has a heightened chance of twins – or triplets. THAT is going to be fun. Not.

She also fell into a bit of luck, which was really nice. First of all Christmas happened, and she got a bonus from work. Not a huge bonus, but enough so that she could work on the house a bit and attract her mate. The igloo outside serves as a second bed, so he had a place to sleep while they were courting. Once they were married they received a bit more money as a wedding present, again not a huge amount, but just enough to renovate the house and add an actual bedroom – with a bed. They also now have a kitchen table, and some chairs. Oh, and some windows, lets not forget how important those are.

Entertainment is a bit lacking, but with a baby on the way (or two, or three?!) there’s not exactly much that can be done about that yet. I think the legacy sim has a grand total of $10 right now and the house worth is still at $0. Ouch. I have no idea how I’m going to afford a crib (or multiple cribs), a high chair and any baby stuff. If social services comes and takes away the child because I can’t care for it then my legacy isn’t going to get very far generation wise. Maybe if I have triplets they’ll just take one away? Maybe I can sell one? We’ll just have to see..

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