Screenshot-243That’s some good parenting, right there in the screenshot.

So my first generation legacy sim (the founder, as it were) has been pretty busy. She fell in love with a mime and wasted no time in working on the second generation. Since at first she was having issues (ahem) conceiving, I decided to purchase the fertility treatment lifetime reward. This (of course) backfired slightly because when she finally did give birth, she had twin baby girls. Thank goodness it wasn’t triplets.

Thus Emily and Jessica were born, to bring on the 2nd generation of legacy sims. Remember the idea is for me to make it to 10 generations, so I’ve still got a very long way to go (and some entertaining game play along the way, of course). Once the babies were born the husband sim decided to take little Jessica to the fair, where he promptly left her on the ground outside of the photo booth so he could go play a game of horseshoes. His wife thankfully was none the wiser when he returned home later on, or my little sim family may have been short one member.

Speaking of members, I decided that it wasn’t quite busy enough with four sims to look after – so they adopted a dog. A little puppy, named Lucky. I figure the kids can look after it as they grow up – even though I know it will be my founder sim doing all of the work.

Screenshot-244Having twins means my founder sim hasn’t been back to work in quite some time but she’ll have to start going soon. I’ve thought about letting her work from home for a while, or not working at all, but having two incomes is pretty important still. I managed to expand the house so that the kids have their own room and I even have a living room now, but none of the items in the home have been upgraded, so they’re using plywood couches which can’t be very sanitary.

So far the two girls have had it pretty easy. Which means they didn’t have to get saddled with negative personality traits. I have my worries that when it comes time to send them to school and their next traits are based on how well they’ve progressed in using the potty, learning to walk, and talking, we may have issues. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

At least no one has died yet.

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