Screenshot-247I know these blog posts about my legacy sims family may not be all that entertaining, after all, the characters are doing the same things that most people do every single day (give or take a few details) but I absolutely love their quirks and activities. Since it’s too hot to do much of anything around here lately (42c, really Ottawa?) I spent some more time watching the little family grow up. The twin girls are now children (baby, children, teens, young adult, adult, elder, I think is the cycle but I could be wrong), and have inherited some not so wonderful traits because of their ‘difficult’ upbringing. Come on now, you try raising twins and so long as no one dies I say that’s a success!

Little Jessica also grew up to be bald. I have no idea who she inherited that from but I’m going to guess her father. She earned the ‘hot tempered’ trait. Emily on the other hand is ‘grumpy’.

I guess Barrett was a bit older than my founder sim thought because as soon as the children aged up he turned into an elder! One of the rules of the game is not to adjust the length of time it takes to age nor can you level your sims up before the game indicates that it’s a birthday, so I’ve been adhering to that and having the game age them manually rather than throwing parties.

Since one of the parents is now an elder and retired, his daily income has decreased to $70 a day. I had hoped that the other sim could take some time off work to insure that the children grew up properly, but alas that was just not in the cards. If she gives up her job the family won’t have enough to survive on, although as you can see by the screenshot above they’re not doing too badly these days.

One of the more interesting happenings was that when the children aged up, their toys came to life in the form of imaginary friends. Emily is quite taken with hers and spends hours and hours talking to this weird creature that follows her around. Personally I find it more than a little creepy, but hey it keeps her social bar filled. So now the kids are old enough to start going to school. Hopefully they’ll get good grades, and turn into wonderful young adults, so that I can start working on the 3rd generation of the legacy family. 10 generations seems like a long time away.

3 thoughts on “Legacy Family: Bald Babies and Elderly Parents #TS3 #TheSims3”
  1. I’m finding these posts, and the ones on the same theme by mrrx on his blog fascinating. I don’t really play any games other than MMOs – there just isn’t time – but I’m tempted. Very tempted.

  2. Well, right now I’m playing all 4 characters as a household, I’m probably going to marry off one of the twins so I can continue the legacy, the other one will get a house of her own to live in out back, along with her elderly parents unless they die before then (which may happen, sims can die randomly). I do plan on keeping the “family” together and playing all of them until death, although I suppose technically I could marry off one twin and as long as I keep the surname (the legacy name) I could just switch to her household and not move the elderly and her sister in with her. I think I’ll consider them to be a big italian family though and just keep them all together.

  3. What happens when both your 1st gen are Elders? Do you just ditch them and play as one of the twins? Or do you have to live out their Elderly lives, maybe winding up living with one of the twins.

    I actually find these posts quite entertaining, personally. I keep meaning to fire up the Sims and see if I can figure out how to start my own legacy, but I should probably spend some time with the basic game first, eh? :)

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