ScreenShot_00366SOE Live is only 9 days away and while a majority of people this year are eagerly awaiting news on EQNext (I am assuming) I am looking forward to what we may hear concerning Vanguard. Yep, that quiet little game that no one admits to playing but secretly deep down inside, still yearns for.

Vanguard has a few panels this year which is fantastic because I remember the years when Vanguard wasn’t even a blip on the radar. You can check out the SOE Live lineup for full details, but as far as Vanguard is concerned you’re looking at the following:

  • Friday August 2nd – Vanguard Live Quest: Employing Diplomacy in Old Targonor
  • Friday August 2nd – Vanguard Past, Present, and Future
  • Saturday August 3rd – Player panel: Vanguard – Recruiting and Retention (sadly this is also at the exact same time that a panel on EQNext is going on about classes, but I still hope they get a good showing)
  • Saturday August 3rd – Vanguard Create your own adventure

When you have a lot of games to promote in your three day faire I can only imagine just what a huge deal time management must be. If you’re like me, and play multiple SOE games, there’s no way you’re going to be able to catch it all. Hopefully the majority of the information will surface over twitter and youtube videos, and other social media so those who are unable to attend can still get great information about their favorite games.

Of course just because I’m eagerly awaiting news for Vanguard doesn’t mean that I’m not equally as excited about EQNext (or any of the other EQ franchise games for that matter). I’m just taking it slowly, and we’ll see where all of this goes.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at SOE Live? Let me know in comments!

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