Screenshot-311A LOT has happened since I last wrote about my legacy family in the Sims 3. To make it easier I’ll break it up by person, that way no one is left out.

Berett – is no more. The husband to my legacy founder ended up passing away peacefully in his bed one night. His gravestone sits in the backyard, and I planted a cherry tree in his memory. Since he died on the lot there’s nothing stopping his ghost from visiting, and he does, often. He sits at the kitchen table playing his laptop and eating leftover spaghetti. He wasn’t wealthy and honestly didn’t contribute much to the house with his $70 a day, so now that mourning is done he’s not missed that much.

Founder Sim – still alive, she’s reached the end of her elder stage so I’m expecting that she will probably pass on before too long. So far she has made it to rank 9 / 10 in the culinary career. She makes a LOT of money, and when Christmas comes around her bonus is gigantic. It’s a huge help to the house. Which as you can tell from some screen shots I’ve posted on G+ has grown by leaps and bounds. They have a basement, and an upstairs now. I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the work in the house so I’ve hired a maid to come in on a daily basis. It’s just too hard to control all three sims + pets and keep the house looking perfect. The maid actually does her job and I haven’t had to fire her like I have with previous games.

Jessica – Attended prom and was crowned prom queen. She came home with an actual little crown that sits on her desk in her bedroom now. I think these little mementos are amazing. I plan on creating a trophy type room where generations of heirlooms can sit. One of my own personal rules is that all 10 generations must grow up in the same house. At prom she met Yvette and fell in love. That proves to be slightly irksome because one of the rules says your next generation of legacy sims can’t be adopted as they would not truly carry the bloodline. So if Jessica plans on spending her life with Yvette she’ll have to find someone to help them get pregnant, or rely on Emily to carry on the family name. She graduated with honors, was voted most likely to take over the world, and was voted class valedictorian for the year. She won awards for these and came home to hang them on her bedroom wall, proud of her accomplishments. Once done with graduation she quickly picked up a job in the political field.

Emily – Not quite up to the goals of her twin sister, she slagged behind a little. She missed prom because she was working. She hasn’t fallen in love with anyone yet. Her life has been quiet by comparison. She graduated with honors and was voted “most artistic” of her school. She also got a job – as a singer. Right now she’s performing singing telegrams. Not the most glamorous of jobs but she has hopes for the future.

One of the twins is a kleptomaniac and I can’t remember which. I’m sure that will prove interesting as they grow up and mature from young adults to adults.

Oh, also. My dogs. I had a male and female, and then they had puppies. Two of them. So that left me with a pretty full house of three sims and four dogs to ‘control’ while I played. I ended up giving three of the dogs over to the adoption agency because of the smell. I still have Lucky roaming around though, who is also now an elder.

I’m eager to see what the 3rd generation is like, and how their lives will be different. Things have come a long way from the one room toilet house that they used to live in, working at the grocery store. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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