EQ000094Last night I found an instance that I dislike more than the Veil of Alaris instance where you’re floating about on little disks. Yep, it would have to be ‘The Return of King Xorbb‘. This mission was annoying – and not only because it bugged when we got the named down to 10% and it reset. Our tank got launched into the ceiling and stuck, which caused all the mobs in our encounter to warp around the room and finally present us with a ‘such and such is too far out of the area – you fail!’ message. Great.

The fight is basic but there’s a lot going on. There’s King Xorbb who you fight. He has a reflective lens that you can remove. It’s a 70% chance to reflect. Painful. He has a stat reduction. He also charms after he emotes to a person. There are lasers that go off but you can avoid these by standing in a corner.

Every 4 minutes or so he’ll turn non aggro and four adds will spawn. One goblin can be mez’d, but it’s light blue so you may as well burn it. There’s fungus men that can be rooted, and the minotaurs are immune to root mez charm stun etc. Annoying. These mobs are not too bad and you should have enough time left over to catch your breath before Xorbb goes aggressive again.

On top of the four adds and King Xorbb, there are mini named that spawn based on Xorbb’s health. There are five of them. All sorts of craziness ensued. King Xorbb is no pushover when it comes to health points either. After the mission re-set the first time we attempted it again and it went much better. Still the tank died about 10 times and my enchanter 5. Our reward for our efforts was a warrior only axe that no one could use. Shoot. Of course we also got the achievement for getting it done, I’m pretty sure we went because Alix (a rogue friend) required this as her very last group mission to complete all of the RoF missions. I’m glad it’s finished but I sure won’t be going back anytime soon.

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  1. Seeing that you are a big fan of everquest, are you looking forward to everquest next? I am actually very eager to see how it will be like and what elements it will have incorporated from EQ1 and EQ2!

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