wurm.20130826.0137One of my favorite things to do in Wurm Online is scope out new places to set up a home It’s almost like a bad habit, since it does cost money to set up a deed (you need deed forms, and they cost 10s) and you have to be premium. This weekend I was annoyed with the FFXIV down time (yes, after having JUST posted about how I was not annoyed) and I was feeling quite snarky, so I decided what I needed was some relaxation and absolutely no game is as relaxing for me as Wurm Online.

Blesse is my Pristine hub character. That means she can’t travel to the main servers, but can travel between Pristine and Release. I haven’t played her in a very long time, having a steady place already on Exodus, but I was feeling that wanderlust that comes every so often, especially with a map I’m not familiar with.

Blesse had already packed up all of her belongings into the rowboat that she has long ago, so it was just a matter of sailing around until I found a suitable location. This sounds easier than it really is. Most of the coast of Pristine is covered by sheer cliffs. The rest is occupied by other players. I didn’t HAVE to settle on the coast, but that is prime real estate.  I thought I had found a little outlook for a potential home but instead it ended up being a land covered with wolves and mountain lions. I can handle a few of those but the character is still quite new, so I wasn’t ready to take on more than one at a time. Plus I had nothing to heal myself with so I continued on sporting one medium wound that wouldn’t heal.

Eventually, I found it. The perfect spot. There were a small handful of unmoored boats gathered around a tiny little flat spot of land right against the mountainside. I sailed back to Blossom because I had not purchased that deed form I needed, and sailed back, eager to set down roots.

Nomadic Shores is the name of my new little abode. It’s small, which is exactly what I was looking for. Most of the deed is mountain so I can have an extensive mine. There’s iron and zinc in there, and I’m not sure what else. I rummaged around foraging and botanizing to get enough items to start a small farm. Planted some corn and wemp as well as cotton. Due to the location of the deed a horse is really not required, but I can always put one out in the field if I want. I’d like the house to be made of stone and that requires clay – which I actually have on-deed but it’s in the water so I’m looking to raise it out. I am not sure yet if I’ll make the house more than one level, but I think two levels may be nice. We’ll just have to see.

It feels refreshing to be building a nice little deed again in uncharted territory. I can’t wait to see what else I find (besides the greenish trolls that live behind me. I can hear someones spirit templar freaking out over them).

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