ScreenShot_00361I would really like to request a do-over for this week (and even last weekend). Instead of dwelling on all of the negativity that is currently all over my gaming streams lately, I’m going to just do a brief post on what I’m playing these days.

FFXIV – Usually in the morning and daytime hours, I’ve been trying to level up a White Mage. My little falafel is great entertainment. I really like the animation the characters do when they jump. I suppose it’s a bit silly of me, but I can not help but squee as I run around. You can find me on Diabolos as Blesse Reveur.

Wurm Online – I recently purchased a new deed on the Pristine server, and have been working on trying to find iron somewhere on my deed. No luck yet but as with everything in Wurm, I am patient. I also started a house, and have a little garden going. I’m hoping that as soon as I find iron things can start moving forward, I can’t wait to show off some before and after pictures. I also still own a deed on Exodus, I’ve been creating a farm there to tend, and I found a chicken which I named Henry (get it, hen? chicken?) who has been eating most of my grain (hence the farm).

The Sims 3 – My legacy family relocated to Isla Paradiso, and I’m having a lot of fun with the change of location. Ginger is now a teenager, and even got a part time job as a receptionist at a spa. Bob is still alive, it appears that my sims live well beyond what I had banked on.

Guild Wars 2 – I’ve taken a break from it this week because I needed something lower key, more relaxing. Rushing all over to do Clockwork Chaos was causing me some stress in game. I DID manage to work my armorer to 400 skill, it was one of three crafts that I did not have at 400 yet. The two remaining are weaponsmith and leatherworker. Those are next on my list. I also logged in for the one year anniversary reward. I instantly leveled up an alt to 20 and thought it was a nice gesture.

Vanguard – Yep, still playing Vanguard and still one of my favorite games. I’ve been taking things slow and working on diplomacy, which is very relaxing. Also one of my favorite things about Vanguard (and probably one of the least explored by the general population). I’ve also been crafting, now that my mineralogist is 55 it’s time to level up the next class. I’m not sure which one yet, I’ve got one of everything (of course I do). Suggestions?

So those are the games I’m playing, more often than not. I’ve taken a little break from Civilization V, but am still enjoying the game quite a bit. I just don’t have enough hours in a day!

What game do you find yourself playing these days? Let me know in comments!

3 thoughts on “What Are We Playing? #MMORPG”
  1. TBH, right now I’m hardly playing anything. Hit something of a burnout wall for games in general, plus other IRL things have made gaming time seem quite trivial to me. That said, I did hop into TSW for an hour or so last night. . . .

  2. For the past several months I’ve been loving Firefall. I’ve been in beta for over a year and this game keeps evolving more and more every few months. They are serious about this being beta, but they had to tag it as Open Beta to get funds. An indie studio can survive only so long closed to public.

    I just started playing GW2 again because you were excited about it. I’m actually getting back into it after a huge vacation. I’m loving every minute. Lots of changes. Sometimes it’s very daunting.

    DCUO! I hate this game for years ish. The last few months have been awesome though. They are pumping out great content and I think the community is stronger than ever.

    That’s about it. It’s been a great time gaming though. Love all these games right now.

  3. Ah, yes. Diplomacy is one of those amazing systems that make you feel almost ashamed for not diving into more. I barely scratched the surface, myself. Yet, it’s something that I look at from afar as being utterly amazing.

    I’ve played a good deal of it and even had a veteran walk me though step-by-step with understanding it, on an old, old alt, many years ago.

    I actually really still enjoy bumming around and doing different quests at Vanguard’s usual pace. My Dwarf is still only 21 or 22, so now teetering between group quests in and newer, but harger solo-quests around Silver Lake and Misthaven Crossing, or venturing outward form Renton Keep, all in Thestra.

    I actually have made some pretty good progress on crafting, after my initial hurdle and really opening up the “orders”(forgot the name of ’em). I’ve done most of my crafting in Tursh so far.

    I have one really far off goal of getting a Fox-mount for my Dwarf. I think it’d suit him well. :)

    Great read!

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