Screenshot-391I went back to the post I was using as a guideline for my legacy family and then noticed some of the rules (that I wanted to adhere to just for my own game style).

Legacy House: The lot initially moved into by your founder. You may not move the family to another lot during the entire challenge. All heirs must be born in this house (or rather, born from sims living at this house, even if they use the hospital to give birth) 

Since I up and moved my legacy family to an entire new neighbourhood not to mention left half their family behind, I decided to start over. I was growing bored of that game anyhow, and that’s never a good thing! So I’ve started over with Blesse Reveur, pictured above. As you can see, she’s already got her one room shack standing on her enormous lot. She took a job as a scientist to start with but for some reason it affected her in a very negative manner, so she switched jobs to a substitute teacher. Blesse has the ‘eco friendly’ trait, which means a whole lot of things make her sad. She would rather carpool, taking the taxi makes her cry, so the first thing I bought after I managed this one room shack, was a bicycle and a bike rack outside her house. Now she can feel a bit better. She also wants to do a lot of gardening as her lifetime wish, so I got that under way.

Love department is going poorly. She has the flirty trait and the first guy she picked up (in the library none the less) had the not flirty trait. Needless to say the two just didn’t work out.

In the mean time, it’s nice to start fresh. Maybe I can bring this legacy family to 10. The last one stopped after 3 generations.

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