wurm.20130908.1954My deed on Pristine is incredibly peaceful. It is built along the bottom of a cliff, and in order to gain more ‘land’ I’ve been digging dirt off of the mountain and bringing it down below and filling in some of the shore. I had a few reasons for doing this, not only to increase the waterfront property but also to raise some clay that I had on deed but under water. It took a lot of dirt since I couldn’t use the ‘level’ feature, but eventually I managed to raise the tile out of the water, and I now have access to clay. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I also managed to raise my prospecting to 20 which allows me to use the analyze skill on rock shards. This is an incredibly useful feature, it will tell you what sort of ore is nearby under the ground. You can prospect outside on rock to see what lays within but once you’re inside the cave it gets harder. I was finally able to locate the iron I have on deed using this method, yay!

That means I’m basically all set up now. I still have plans for the deed of course, but the necessities are taken care of. I plan on leveling some of the mountain so I can build a house overlooking the water, and perhaps a tree farm for my boat building. I was hoping to purchase a bunch of dirt so I could raise some more tiles out of the water but so far no one has been interested in selling any even after my offer of 3s for delivery. There is still dirt up on the mountain side that I can clear and bring down below, so that’s probably what I will end up doing.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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