EQ2_000127It’s fall, and what comes with fall besides glorious cool weather, football, and comfort food? Nostalgia of course. So I’ve wandered back to EverQuest 2 and have been playing my illusionist as of late. Yesterday I spent a few hours with a shadowknight friend in skyshrine, and my illusionist managed to hit level 94 which is pretty awesome. Once we were done there I headed off to the newer zones to complete a few quests. Good thing I had a mercenary along because my illusionist is still quite squishy. My defiler is 95 and still hasn’t completed the Cobalt Scar quest chain for adventurers (I have completed it for crafters) but I’m not really in any rush.

Of course with my return also came the desire to create a new character. I currently have 10 characters – well, 11 now. I created a new baby bruiser named Blesse on the Antonia Bayle server (which is where all of my characters are). My characters are (subject to change depending on my mood and who I create or delete):

  • Stargrace – 95 defiler – 95 tailor
  • Seduit – 94 illusionist – 95 provisioner
  • Seduisant – 92 shadowknight – 95 sage
  • Jacquotte – 92 swashbuckler – 95 weaponsmith
  • Ellithia – 90 dirge – 95 alchemist
  • Ishbel – 90 coercer – 95 carpenter
  • Petites – 90 inquisitor – 95 jeweler
  • Arysh – 90 warden – 95 woodworker
  • Kameekox – 70 ranger – 95 armorer
  • Anastasie – 14 necromancer
  • Blesse – 1 bruiser

As you can see I have quite a fondness for crafters. My favorite classes to play are enchanters and after that healers.

I also managed to ding my guild level 65! This is a pretty big deal to me considering the guild has never had more than two or three other members besides myself. I hope to one day be able to level the guild to 70 and maybe even afford a T3 guild hall just because. There’s no way we need all of that room, but it sure would be neat to have that large of a decorating project. Speaking of, I have been working on decorating the current guild hall we have. I recently downgraded the hall to a T1 because there was just no need for anything larger. I’ve been working on a trophy room in the main entrance, and I have a makeshift craft room set up in the back. Aside from that, not much more has been added yet. I love having projects to work on!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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