EQ2_000191Experimenting is a new process that was added to EQ2 with Chains of Eternity, and it is some of the most stressful (and yet rewarding) crafting there is. The ring pictured above has been experimented on 5x (which is the max you can do per crafted item). I added int, stam, a proc, and crit bonus. Now, one thing I forgot to do which I will certainly do for the next item I make is use a refined rare to make the object. Refining was also added with Chains of Eternity, and it allows for some extra stats on the item you’re crafting. So if you use a refined rare to create the base item, and then adorn the item, and THEN experiment on it, you’ll be able to gain full potential from experimentation. You can experiment on adornment stats too when they’re added (something else I didn’t realize).

It does come with one very strict side effect. If you fail at experimenting you lose the item completely. That is what makes the process so very stressful, at least on this crafter. Luckily I’ve not lost any items yet (of course I’ve just jinxed myself). There is a quested pair of fabled gloves from Cobalt Scar that helps with the experimentation process and I highly suggest players who are going this route work on getting those first.

It’s a lot to keep track of, especially if you’ve been away from the game for any length of time. These skills are found in your prestige tradeskill section along with mass production. With the ability to switch our aa spec’s on the go in a MUCH easier way, taking advantage of each of these new craft chains is pretty simple. I have three specs, one for each tradeskill chain. At least on my main. My crafting alts who have not completed all of the quests in order to get the best gear I just leave with the basics. Having nine level 95 crafters is a bit of an endeavour when it comes to completing each of the quests available. There are a LOT! Between the solstice earring, the epic weapons (for crafters), the prayer shawl, and now the fabled gloves, not to mention the ‘basic’ crafting quests that help you level up from 1+ as well as the mara chains. It’s refreshing to have such options for crafters. Adventuring is nice but sometimes you simply want a break.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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