EQ2_000208One thing I love about EQ2 is the huge amount of STUFF there is to do, no matter what branch of MMO gamer you happen to be. I decided to explore some of the older Heritage Quests that I had yet to complete on my ‘main’ character (who at the moment happens to be the defiler). What I’ve been doing is slowly working my way through the list on the link above in the order that they show up (which happens to be by level of the quest). So far I’ve made it to 19 completed, which puts me at the Lost Legend of Lavastorm, and that rewards you with the Crown of King Tranix. The quest I worked on yesterday was the Bone Bladed Claymore – one of the more annoying HQ out there because it requires you to slay 1,000 sentient beings. This isn’t difficult, it’s just time consuming. In order to defeat mine I decided to stay in Runnyeye since it was empty, and I also ran through Runnyeye: The Gathering in order to obtain the timed achievement for the zone. In both cases I decided to just remain at my level of 95 instead of mentoring down, simply for speed.

Once I completed the Bone Bladed Claymore I looked through my journal and noticed that I had one very quick and easy HQ on me, for the legendary Grimblade. This heritage quest took maybe 30 minutes to complete, and was all solo except for the final encounter in Stonebrunt Mountains. The experience helped boost up the guild a bit, which is sitting at about 36% into level 65. I still have lofty dreams of reaching level 70 so that we can purchase a T3 guild hall (even though I know T4 are on their way) but we’re still quite far away from that.

Aside from the two heritage quests that I completed, I decided it was time for a new alt. I love making new characters, I have a tendency to delete them and re-create them on whims all of the time. The latest adventures have been with Anastasie, my fae necromancer. She started out at level 14 with 36 aa and by the end of the evening (thanks to adventuring with Ibeogur, a 95 berserker) she was 27 with 64 aa and a huge pocket of stuff to sell on the broker. Alts tend to be expensive endeavors, what with all the new spells and gear that they need, so I pride myself on being able to “do it all” myself with my crafters. I’ll make her a set of gear but will probably leave the spells for some time, until she’s a higher level. I’ve also locked her for a while so that she’ll gain aa but not levels, I don’t want her to be level 90 with less than 100 aa like some of my characters in the past have had to deal with.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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