EQ2_000209I was in the mood for a little relaxation last night, so of course that means playing an alt for a bit (or crafting, but I was in the mood to work on an alt). My little Arasai (pictured above with her best friends) and Ibeogur decided it would be best to head to Ruins of Varsoon which is just off of Thundering Steppes. When we got there the zone was pretty empty aside from one character and their mercenary who were only killing the named mobs. Since I was there for experience (or rather, aa experience) I had no issues with that.

The Chamber of Immortality can be found within, which is where my screenshot is taken. You defeat rounds of mobs until you activate the mini boss and then the final boss. Guaranteed exquisite chests drop from these last two named which is a good reason for doing the dungeons right there.

The zone is also home to a lot of book quests, something I’m always interested in completing. I managed to get two of them to drop, but did not get very many updates on the individual quests. I’ll be back to the zone eventually to try to complete them. By the end of the evening the zone was starting to fill up and so I decided to call it a night. I love playing on Antonia Bayle but some times the lower level zones can get a bit crowded. This is a good thing, I love seeing an active game – however since mentored characters and people with mercenary tend to be overly powered, it means that it’s quite easy for a single player to clear a zone, leaving others without much to do. Thankfully, EQ2 has LOTS of zones, so you can typically move on to some place else (or a dungeon).

The progress was quite good. I locked the necromancer at level 30 for the time being, and she inched her way to 84 alternate advancement points. There are a few more zones I want to explore before unlocking experience, I’d like to be around the 150 aa mark, but we shall see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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