EQ2_000213Oh Skyshrine. I wish you were not the best and fastest way to level any character from 90-95, but alas you are. That’s where I found myself for most of last night, helping a guild mate (as well as leveling my own character, a shadowknight). Ultann managed to get his defiler to 95, and then also got his conjuror to 95. My shadowknight reached 95, and also gained a handful of alternate advancement. Then I decided to go on a shopping spree and purchased what gear I could afford. I still need to make some expert spells but aside from adornments the character is ‘done’ – except she’ll need to either do the Drinal series of quests or purchase the 50 obol item that allows her to see obol and spirits. Since I don’t exactly have 50 obol to waste (I know they’re easy to get, but lets not forget I have multiple alts to gear up) I suppose I’ll be doing the quests. It should be easy at least.

I’m also contemplating subscribing my second account. Undecided at this exact moment but it’s something I think I’d like to do again. Problem is the account has lapsed for two years or so, and that means it doesn’t have AoD or Chains of Eternity. With a new expansion just around the corner, and AoD being sold a-la-carte (eventually) I’m thinking my best bet would be to use the account as a free to play for now and then purchase the latest expansion when it releases. It would be nice to be boxing again and there is a 90 necromancer as well as a shadowknight (and a handful of alts) to take advantage of.

I ran The Dreadcutter (also known as DC) last night with Ultann and his inquisitor, his characters are geared enough that they’re able to solo the zone so I tagged along on my 95 swashbuckler. The problem is she also has not completed the Drinal chain of quests, so she couldn’t see half of the items that dropped from chests. Only my defiler (Stargrace) has managed to complete it. Since I’m still “getting back into the game” so to speak I haven’t gathered a surplus of supplies yet, and I still haven’t LFG much because I’m not familiar with all of the zones. It was a lot of fun to dive into them with guild mates, and I’m hoping we can do more.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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