EQ2_000198Ah, friends. Those people who can convince you (even without trying, or them being aware of it) to do pretty much anything. Ultann has been playing two accounts in EQ2 for as long as I can remember, and at one point in time I was too. I gave it up after a while because my PC wasn’t exactly handling it well, but things have changed. My second EQ2 account is 6 years old (roughly) but so neglected that the only character on it was a level 77 fury.

I decided to start dual boxing again in-game, and created a paladin on the account. I know that’s a bit amusing seeing as I’m leveling her up using my shadowknight, but hey why not. I prefer to have a tank and healer on each account, opening up more options on who to play and what to do. After an evening with Ibeogur (I played my bruiser along with the new paladin) she sits at level 60, which is a pretty good start.

Speaking of characters – October 1st to the 15th EQ2 will be allowing people to create ONE FREE heroic character. These characters start with gear, 280 aa, and the ability to fly. After this grace period players will have to purchase them. Now, I’m not the target audience for these level 85 characters because I enjoy the leveling process, have many level 90-95 and have no inclination to purchase them. HOWEVER I won’t turn my nose up at a free one, and I honestly don’t mind if other people purchase them. I do find it a bit sad that SOE is saying 1-85 content doesn’t matter any more so why not skip it – BUT – the game is aging, and chances are veterans have played through it MANY times before, where new players would rather be playing end game.

Do I think it’s going to create a surplus of players who have no idea how to utilize their characters? No. First of all, EQ2 isn’t that complicated. Second of all, there’s still time to learn, and third, I’m just naturally optimistic. I hope that this new mechanic works as it is intended which is to bring new blood to EQ2 and to revitalize the old. Yes, ideally I’d like them try to make 1-85 content relevant, but I understand that it’s a HUGE endeavor, one they probably just don’t have the resources for at this time.

I haven’t decided what characters I’ll be creating yet, we’ll just have to see. Are you going to be taking advantage of the new heroic characters? What are you going to create?

2 thoughts on “Dual Boxing in #EQ2”
  1. There was a note in the producers letter that you CAN upgrade an existing character so thats good.

    I myself have no need for another heroic character but also will not turn my nose up at a free one. Pondering using my free one on my existing 85 Bruiser (to get him the AA) or using it to level another Coercer on my main account.

    In regards to the “higher level players with no idea how to play issue” It was also stated that they will be given heroic “hotbars” which add more and more abilities as you play, so that you arent overwhelmed straight away. You can toggle this off.

    Overall its a nice change, I cant see it pulling in tons of new players but it will allow people to try things out and go from there.

  2. I’m a bit unclear on whether the free promotion credit can also be used to upgrade an existing alt or not, but it seems a waste not to make something if you have the character slot for it – it’s completely free during the promotion, so you can always delete it later.

    Beastlord is the only melee I have never tried (including expansion beta premades), and is a tempting possibility. The other advantage here is I would not be closing the door on leveling one of the six alts I have abandoned at various levels from 20-37. That said, every time I try another melee class, I just leave disappointed that they’re not the Dirge I already have and love. If I was going to try a character who fights by casting, I’m strangely tempted to go Defiler (which I didn’t hate through level 20, though I hear the DPS is horrible later on). Only problem is, the new Channeler class next expansion will probably do what I want the Defiler to do, only better. If the option is there to upgrade an existing character, it might be tempting to bump up my 37 Warden/62 Tailor (highest level crafter of my alts). I’d be closing the door on adventuring progress but opening the door for some of that higher level crafting content on a second character.

    Free trial aside, one thing I really like about this feature is the “try before you buy” option. Anyone can take a level 85 of any class on a test drive for one level, completely free. Most subclasses feel very similar at low levels, and many don’t get significant combat abilities until much later in progression, so I could definitely see using this feature to preview alts that I plan to level the old fashioned way.

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