EQ2_000215Yesterday was a great day for my small guild. With three active members, we’ve been a small guild for a very long time but while we’re playing EverQuest 2 we don’t let that stop us. We managed to ding level 66 yesterday (really makes me wish we had of been playing when double experience was ongoing) and I’m excited about us finally crawling our way to level 70 where I can purchase a T3 hall simply because.

Last night our little group consisted of Ibeogur, Ultann (boxing his two accounts), myself and Hamal heading to Dreadcutter for some obol drops and upgrades. The dungeon was nothing special, but because we ran it together it was just a lot of fun. Afterward we headed to Temple of the Faceless where you fight Venekor, and low and behold an ethereal tank belt dropped from the final encounter. A huge upgrade for our berserker tank.

In the meantime I’ve been leveling up my paladin on the second account. She is now level 81, as well as my bruiser on my main account. I haven’t decided what else I’ll create on the second account yet but I’m sure in time it too will be filled with characters. I’m already thinking of leveling up crafters on that account as well, even though I already have 9 crafters on my main account. You can never have too many crafters (or characters). I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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