EQ2_000230Friday night in game was fantastic. Ultann, Ibeogur, and myself decided that we would head to Veeshan’s Peak and see what trouble we could get into. In EQ2 this is a level 80 raid zone, and we would be going with our heroic characters (except for Ibeogur, he stayed with his regular level 95 main berserker and would be our main tank). I brought my necromancer and my fury, Ultann played his paladin and his brigand.

The zone still poses some difficulties. You can’t just blow through all of the encounter mechanics, some of them require some finesse. The zone is still quite lengthy with a lot of knockbacks and tail swipes – but it was also incredibly fun.

The gear is no longer upgrades to anyone but I kept defiler patterns so I could add the graphic of that gear to my museum. There is a section of my house dedicated to defiler gear through the ages, and I’m still missing some bits and bobs from various sets.

The experience was also quite good – as long as you were in combat. See, SOE implemented this new experience ‘feature’ to try to reward active players rather than bots auto following. You gain almost 3/4 more experience if you’re in combat and actively participating. Not that much of an issue for me, I would switch over to the second window and make sure my necromancer sent her pet into combat. The necromancer managed to ding 88, and the fury reached level 90. We also cleared the zone and earned a guild achievement for it which was awesome. Clearing VP grants access to Trakanon’s Lair (as long as you complete the quest you receive at the entrance of the zone) so afterward we headed off to do that. We required a Chelsith Stone which Ultann had on his main character and since he had never defeated Trakanon he decided to relog in order to get the achievements. Boom, down the dragon went. Another achievement unlocked.

Afterward we decided to head to WoE (Ward of Elements) which is a x2 raid (rather than a x4) and then we went to Tower of Frozen Shadows (another x2 raid). All in all, it was a fantastic evening hanging out with my small guild and doing something a little different. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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