EQ2_000232Every time I logged into EverQuest 2 over the weekend, I heard someone asking a question about the recent changes that they had some how missed, so I decided to post some of the most commonly asked ones here.

  • ALL characters minus beastlords can now skip their fabled epic quest and move right on to epic repercussions. Speak to an NPC in TT to start this process just like you normally would if you had the fabled version. You CAN still do the fabled version. Beastlords are exempt from this because their epics are different, level 90 ones instead. They don’t have the ER quest.
  • Chat channels have changed. That means you now need to right click on your chat window, and go to chat options and join the new ones. The level chats are gone, so join General or High_Level and LFG. Of course if you’re anything like me and you value your sanity, you’ll be avoiding General.
  • Until October 15th all accounts are flagged as gold – this is to allow players to create their new heroic characters. Regular account restrictions will be put back in place after (remember those restrictions have also changed).
  • Pre-Ordering Tears of Veeshan will give you access to Chains of Eternity (right away), but NOT to Age of Discovery which is now sold a-la-carte in the station cash store either as individual pieces, or as a whole. If you’re looking for confirmation on this one go visit the forums.
  • Yes, experience has changed. You’ll want to be active in group to gain the most experience, otherwise you’ll take a hit of almost 3/4 what you normally would get. It’s a painful experience loss for people boxing especially when kills are so quick, so if you can, try to get that character onto the hate list in order to maximize the experience.

Those are the main changes as of late, there are others of course, but these ones seem to keep turning up more than the rest. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 thoughts on “Recent Changes #EQ2 #EverQuest2”
  1. So I can *skip* my fabled epic quest ? Well that’s certainly interesting. I’m working on “Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot” and assuming I’ll get some kind of neat weapon from that.

  2. Perhaps I haven’t been watching that closely, but I don’t recall ever seeing Chains of Eternity go on sale for any discounted price – they closed the loophole with the discounted Station Cash purchases and they appear to have kept it pretty tightly closed since. Interesting that it’s gone straight from $40 to free with the next expansion, though I guess that was precisely what they did back in the days when they sold these things retail.

  3. My wife and I are long-time EQ2 players that took an extended AFK. :) We’re coming back for the heroic character promotion and rolling on Antonia Bayle. Any room in your guild for a couple of new faces?

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