EQ2_000238I admit, I love in-game holidays. I love the achievements that come with them, the special treats, and the fun and games. Nights of the Dead has started in EverQuest 2 and so I spent most of my evening working on the achievements for that particular holiday. In the past you could earn a title based on an item you would receive in the mail, becoming the nights of the dead devotee. However, that was removed and you now earn it for completing the in-game achievements. Two of the achievements involve crafting all of the special novelty items that are found in craft books. Another is for completing the ghost races in both Antonica and Commonlands. The final is for completing all of the quests involved in Nights of the Dead. This includes the Loping Plains and Freeport / Qeynos haunted houses, as well as the Hedge Maze, and the zone that emulates Plants vs. Zombie.

I managed to take down the Scarecrow King and made a discovery of his helm, which was pretty neat. Although none of the quests are new this year there are a few new rewards including one really awesome voodoo plushie that I am completely in love with.

There is an achievement for participating in all of the Live Events for EQ2, but I’ve never managed to complete it. See, I normally wander away in the spring months, and it shows. I’ve obtained the achievements for Tinkerfest, Nights of the dead, and Frostfell but I’ve missed out on Erollisi Day, Bristlebane Day, and Brewday. Maybe this year will be my lucky year and I’ll manage to obtain the bauble of Holidays past, and the Festive Spirit title. We’ll just have to see I suppose.

What is your favorite in-game holiday (if you have one)? Have you been exploring through the Nights of the Dead content? As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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