EQ2_000244I’ve been participating in betas for various SOE games for a number of years now, always eager to help test content and squash bugs before they go to live. I don’t write a lot about it because it’s boring work, running the same content over and over again and trying to break it or reporting when something doesn’t work.

Tears of Veeshan, the next EQ2 expansion, is now live in Open Beta. You can copy your live characters over (practically) immediately from character select and to access the beta server all you need to do is when you load up EQ2 (before pressing play) change the version in the top left corner from whatever version you’re currently playing, to beta. It will of course require time to patch especially if you’ve never played on beta servers before. Characters from previous betas are wiped. Keep in mind if you’re looking to beta test items that you normally keep in your bank or house, you’ll want to have them on you when you copy your character. This goes for all crafting apprentices, for example.

Some things to mention? Well, Qho makes another appearance, and the maps may look familiar (especially if you’ve spent any time in Kingdom of Sky). There are of course glitches and bugs – it’s very important that you report these on the forums and in-game. Kander also mentions that there will be rewards given to players for helping out with beta testing, and while it’s certainly not required it is a nice little ‘something’ for those who are giving their time.

You can find me in-game on the beta server as Stargrace (defiler) or Seduisant (my shadowknight), if you’re looking to test some heroic content don’t hesitate to look me up.

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