Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation


It’s almost time! I’m still taking donations for Extra Life, which will go to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. I’ll be playing video games for 25 hours (daylight savings!) and streaming these games on my twitch channel. Interested in what games I’ll be playing? This is a very rough outline, games and times can change at any time.

4am-6am – EverQuest 2
6am-8am – Elder Scrolls V
8am-10am – The Sims 3
10am-11am – Terraria
11am-12pm – Wurm Online
12pm-4pm – EverQuest 2
4pm-6pm – Hearthstone
6pm-8pm – Civilization V
8pm-9pm – Triple Town
9pm-10pm – Faerie Solitaire
10pm-11pm – Sim City 5
11pm-12am – Rift
12am-2am – Guild Wars 2
2am-3am – Wizard 101
3am-4am – EverQuest 2

Other games I have lined up but didn’t add to a time slot include BioShock Infinite, Pirate 101, Torchlight II, Tomb Raider, King’s Bounty The Legend, and Neverwinter. I’ll be voicing during part of the stream but not all of it, and while I’ve already met my personal goal it’s such a fantastic cause that I hope I can raise a little bit more!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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