UntitledI was gifted Terraria on steam some time ago, but never really played the game. The one time I logged in I was so completely lost I had no idea what I was doing or what the point was. This weekend, all of that changed. First, I highly suggest people check out the wiki. Like all sandbox games, the wiki is very important to gameplay. I browsed the getting started guide which was a huge help.

What’s the point? Well, you play a little avatar, and you get placed down in the middle of a world. Think minecraft, only 2D. You can explore, craft things, find dungeons, treasure, and at night things get dangerous. There is danger during the day too, but night is far more dangerous, especially during a ‘blood moon’ which is when the bad guys not only spawn in abundance, but can also open doors.

I set up a server for a few friends and I to play on, and play we have. That’s my house in the screenshot above – the smaller house. The gigantic hotel to the left of my place allows NPC to come and stay in our area. You can spawn different NPC for completing objectives in game, like defeating a boss. Each world is guaranteed a few particulars. Each end is ocean, and there’s a dungeon. There are different biomes like forest, desert, and jungle.

Right now Halloween events are going on, and I’ve been collecting goodie bags filled with costumes and rotten eggs. I’ve got a nice collection of costumes so far, a creeper, bride of frankenstein, princess, ghost, and a handful of others. I managed to loot an icy sword as one of my first weapons, and it shot bolts out that I thought were amazing until I got an agile space gun, along with a suit of meteor armor which lets me use the gun without it costing mana.

The game is quirky, fun, and creative, all things that I enjoy an enormous amount. There are so many little unique do-dads and bits and bobs that the gameplay is really whatever you want to make of it. I’ve had a lot of fun collecting trophies for my house, furniture from dungeons, and just digging down as far as I could to see where it lead and what I could find.

Of course because it’s a 2D side scrolling game it won’t be for everyone but I’ve never let that stop me from enjoying something before and if you’re fond of sandboxes, minecraft, wurmonline, or those types of games I would highly suggest you check it out on steam.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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