EQ2_000285Pictured above, the inside of my awesome cabin that I mentioned from yesterday. The drapes actually work (they open and close) which was one of the coolest items that the SOE team could have released. They’re made by carpenters, although there are also drapes you can purchase from the station cash store.

I learned something new yesterday!

Ever since Tears of Veeshan went live, I have been avoiding the black globes in the sky. It turns out, these have the chance to be shinies! Now there are two types. One is a large easy to see black globe with lightning coming off of it. These can be one of three things. A speed boost, a speed debuff, OR a shiny. Then there are other smaller very difficult to see in the sky black shards that look like tiny little lightning clouds, or cracks. These are always shinies, and there are a few collections hidden within them so chances are you’ll get a random one.

I had no idea!

I spent yesterday working on a few things. I added crit chance adornments to both my swashbuckler and my fury, and then I proceeded to complete advanced solo dungeons for etyma. I’m still saving up for the blue gem recipe, and I’m getting close to being able to afford it.

I also bought my second piece of SLR gear (selling loot rights). There was a dagger up for sale that I really wanted, and since I have been sitting on a bit of cash for some time now I decided to just go for it. I paid 2,000 plat for the dagger and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s rare that I purchase items that expensive for my characters, but in this case I think it was worth it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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