1468576_687064091312662_1291102745_nI still play on Exodus with Stargrace and Faralithe, and I still have Blesse over on Pristine although that account is currently inactive (just too expensive to keep everyone premium). Today I took a rare sailboat that was donated to me by Yetian (who is staying at my deed while we wait to see if Pristine ever joins the rest of the server clusters ) over to Deliverance to check on my merchant at Puzzle Plaza. I had almost 5 silver waiting on my merchant, so I decided to brave the walk and head from the south coast to the market. Not too bad of a walk, I do have 75 fight skill, but I am also not wearing any armor at the moment, so things tend to hurt (it’s on my list).

Anyhow, the real excitement came when I saw that the developers have been working on new bridges for the game. Above is one of three models they’ve posted so far, the stone one. I do think that their rope and wood bridges also look fantastic, but if you want to see those ones you’ll have to check them out yourself, you can find pictures on facebook, twitter, and the forums (and my G+ profile if you happen to use that). I’m eager to see what people do with these bridges. Will they span servers connecting people together? Will they at least span oceans, and islands? It opens up so much travel potential – of course a lot of that depends on the state of decay and how quickly these bridges may fall apart. Hopefully people using them will do their bit to help repair.

There are also some new torches in the works that are supposed to be ideal for lighting dark areas – like the inside of mines. I’m also excited about this, even with lights my mine is incredibly dark, and some characters rarely ever see the light of day because of all the mining they do.

I managed to finish off a house project that I had started some time ago. I grabbed a bunch of clay on my way home from Deliverance (I haven’t bothered to find out where there is clay close to me on Exodus) and after completing the last 7 remaining walls (20 mortar and 20 bricks each wall) I was able to add the roof. I’m debating adding a second floor but I usually prefer single story homes. We’ll see how adventurous I get.

Aside from that life in Wurm (lately) has been pretty quiet. Until I outfit myself with a bit more armor I haven’t been wandering far from home or exploring. I’m hoping to change that a bit this week perhaps, first I’ll have to stockpile some food and drink and a bandage or two.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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