WoWScrnShot_120713_111031A few other bloggers have mentioned just how much stuff there is to do in WoW lately and I completely agree, especially if you have been away for a while like I have. I only have one level 90 character and I would like to get at least a small handful of my alts up to 90 before the next expansion. I’ve slowly been leveling my shaman who just reached 87 yesterday. I also have a 85 paladin, druid, and an 86 warlock not to mention my newly created 15 warrior, a level 2 rogue, and a level 24 monk. Oh, and a horde deathknight that I believe is level 67 or so.

There’s pet battles, collecting new pets, working on crafting, collecting recipes, and achievements just to name a few things I’m interested in. I’ve done timeless isle enough that every alt has a full set of gear – except my main – I can not for the life of me seem to get a cloth robe to drop. I’ve gotten everything to drop, multiples of most of it and not a single chest piece for the priest.

I managed to finish all but one “way of” for cooking, the last one requiring about 250 white turnips before I can complete it, so I’ll be farming for a little while first. I could try to buy them all from the broker but I would rather collect them myself. Once that is completed I can move on to completing my recipes and factions.

I’ve also been working on Shado Pan faction, and I still can’t ride a serpent mount yet (faction required). Faction grinding is the reason I left WoW to begin with, but it hasn’t been bugging me yet since I’ve been back, in fact I quite like the process since it requires no thought (and that’s what I was looking for). Whether or not it will continue to hold my attention has yet to be seen, but in the mean time I’m having a lot of fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Choices, Choices, and more Choices #WoW”
  1. I have found myself creating a “WoW Bucket List” of sorts, probably going to devote a blog post to it at some point. Essentially in the past I have lost sight of my goals and I think in many ways it has led me to drift away from the game. Hoping that having a list of goals will give me something to look back and focus on during those days where I feel otherwise directionless. So far having a blast being back, and last night Rylacus gave me back the crown for House Stalwart. So I guess for the time being I am back being a serious guild leader :)

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