WoWScrnShot_121113_092925Yesterday WoW added a new patch, 5.4.2, that allows players the ability to shop from their store in game. I have no issue with this and think it’s quite neat, not to mention that to kick it off they put almost all of their pets and mounts on sale by 50%. That means I was able to add two pets to my collection guilt free. I already own a small handful of the cute little critters, so deciding which two to purchase wasn’t too hard. I eventually went with Lil’ Ragnaros who can also be used as a cooking fire, and the Cinder kitten because it was just too cute not to pick up.

Dragon Flight also managed to ding level 21 thanks to some alt leveling, I know experience is quite easy to come by these days (you get 60,000 experience per quest no matter what it seems) but considering the guild only has three members, I’m still tickled. We unlocked faster flight paths, and at 22 we’ll unlock greater tradeskill skill ups. I’m looking forward to reaching level 25 and being able to mass resurrect.

I’m hoping to inch my shaman closer to 90 this weekend (maybe even reach 90, dare I hope) as well as work on some pet battles and raids. I should also be able to master pandarian cooking, but we’ll just have to see how many white turnips I can collect.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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