WoWScrnShot_122913_205751Some time between when I last quit and when I started playing again last month heroic scenarios were added to the game. They work exactly like regular scenarios except for one thing – you can’t LFG for them. I find this a bit frustrating because I don’t have too many people in game that I can bug to do these instances with. I know lots of people in game, sure, a big selection of my friends are playing – but I don’t want to bother them by dragging them through these scenarios. Thankfully both Bloodgauge and Kanad were online this last weekend and we were able to attempt a scenario all on our own (you can only go with three people).

They were tough, but we managed just fine as soon as Bloodgauge (a DK) swapped to tank spec. I stayed in heals (priest) and Kanad was of course DPS (hunter). I won a nice purple ring at the end of our first one from the weekly quest, but the ones we attempted afterward didn’t reward much of anything so I decided to call it a night and to try again when they reset.

I’m still looking for upgraded weapons. I’ve had absolutely no luck at all. Bloodgauge picked up blacksmithing last week and since he was on holidays he managed to reach 600 without too much effort. He’s working on discovering a staff for me to use but it will take a few days because of the daily craft timers. That will be more than enough to help boost my ilevel towards the 530 mark. I’m currently at 526 and looking forward to finding a few more burden to help raise that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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