As I’ve already mentioned in numerous other Wurm Online posts, I really love raising animals, even the type that don’t have an enormous use. Take unicorns for example. Most deeds and open space is filled with them. They make great creatures to farm for leather, but here in my pen pictured above I have two sly and a champion that I’m currently breeding. I can’t ride them yet (you need very high body control) but they’re nice to have around. I also have three deer, who also provide leather and alchemy bits. They don’t pull carts and you can’t ride them but I like to have them around.

I was keeping a few pigs but there is a server mission ongoing that asks you to sacrifice them to Fo, one of the deity. I spent a painstaking few hours creating a sacrificial knife (really hard to do with only 1 weaponsmith skill) and then partook in the mission. We’re sitting at 63% completion with me being 46% of that. You get some karma and sleep bonus if you participate, so I hope eventually we’re able to finish the task.

I used to have a chicken but the servers went down yesterday morning and we had a slight rollback of creatures. I searched the nearby woods to see if I could spot it but I had no luck. Chickens are another ‘useless’ creature but I like them a lot.

I’ve been making a lot of progress with the deed. I used a pendulum to divine a water tile, created a nice path, almost finished my horse pens (they just need gates), and improved my forge in my workshop (which has no walls but will one day). Things are going pretty well and I’m looking forward to working my fine carpentry up even higher along with alchemy on the priest.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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