Screenshot-498It has been a little while since I played The Sims 3, but I still love it as much as ever. There were a lot of free items given away over the holidays, and I dutifully logged in each day to make sure I claimed them. They were worth anywhere from 400 to 700 sim points, so they were some pretty nice items. I picked up the latest expansion as well as the latest venue and world (the one that includes the roller coaster) and have been having a lot of fun with both. Of course my legacy family doesn’t get to play with those quite yet, so where is what they have been up to.

When we last left the family, it consisted of Mushi the cat, Teddygirl the boy (who was named during my Extra Life fundraising campaign), Blesse (wife) and Jack (older gentleman that she married). Jack got up to feed the family goldfish and passed on, while his family freaked out. I was expecting this, Jack was pretty old when he married Blesse and it was only a matter of time. I moved his gravestone to the backyard, and now his ghost haunts the house.

I decided that since Blesse was now a single mother and had a lot on her plate with work and Teddygirl, I would hire a live-in butler. These costs $1200 a week (if only) and require a room with a bed in your house. I added a room for her in the basement, and now Tashia lives with everyone. Clothing was starting to pile up and my shower and toilets have all broken multiple times now, so it’s nice to have a pair of extra hands to deal with all that stuff.

Teddygirl also decided to become a scientist. He wants to become a robot breeder in specific, but any career in the science department would be a good start. Blesse is still a middle school teacher, although she did get a promotion for telling the principle that another teacher was sleeping while her students watched movies all day. This did not earn Blesse any bonus points with those teachers, and now they’re all angry at her. Oh well!

As always the point of the legacy family is to get as many generations up as I can, so next I’ll be looking for a suitable partner for Teddygirl. Hopefully someone who doesn’t mind his name too much.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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