UntitledLast night was another night I spent working on pet battles, inching my way to owning at least one team of level 25 pets. So far as you can see by the list above, my highest pet is level 17 (also happens to be my favorite pet, Lil’XT). I’ve been able to keep a team of three but what I’ve started to do is swap out the third pet to one that I capture so I don’t have to actually level it for battles. The two pets with stars are my ‘core’ pets, and then the third I swap to something I have captured. At the moment that is the adder. Leveling my team is still a bit slower than normal because I capture and upgrade any wild pets I come across (so long as they qualify) which reduces the xp you earn – but I’m very pleased with my collection so far.

I’ve got 196 / 615 and while I know I will never ever come close to ‘catching them all’ it’s still a fantastic way to spend some time when I’m done with my hack ‘n slash adventures.

In other news, thanks to leveling up alts the guild is just a smidge shy from level 24. We have also been running a daily heroic scenario which helps earn a bit of experience and gives the guild bank a bit of cash. Nothing extreme, but it is still nice to see. I’m excited about reaching level 25. At one point in time I had contemplated joining a different guild temporarily while leveling to take advantage of the perks – but now there’s absolutely no need. I’m content staying in my little guild of three members. Thankfully with flex raids and LFR and LFG, there’s no obligation to go out and join a larger guild in order to do end game content. This works out perfectly for players like me.

I’ve got three level 90 characters so far, but I still have at least two more I would like to reach 90. There is the 87 warlock along with my 85 druid. I’m sure the warlock will be next as she is already most of the way there, then I’ll attempt the druid. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing, and I still attribute that to the fact that I find there is a LOT to do, plus I’m playing other games in between so I don’t get burnt out (mostly Wurm Online).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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