WoWScrnShot_121113_092642There was a post over on google plus today by Robert Anderson that inspired me to take a look at the AddOns I currently use for World of Warcraft. I tend to keep my UI very minimalistic, and I want the least amount of addons running as possible to keep everything running properly, especially after a game update thus my list isn’t that long. I use a complete UI replacement that’s recommended on Icy-veins called ElvUI and it takes care of so many things for me I don’t really need that many others. It changes the font of the UI, all my windows, hotbars, map, etc. and I just copy a profile over for each character. You can also set it up depending on the role your character plays. Highly recommend this addon. It’s very easy to install and it is constantly being updated.

My other addons include:

  1. Auctionator – AH replacement stuff
  2. Collect Me – For battle pets and mounts
  3. DBM – Complete collection, this is of course deadly boss mods. Used for raid warnings and the like.
  4. Oqueue – for joining flex raids since the Blizzard format is not exactly intuitive.
  5. PetBattle Teams – More pet battle stuff
  6. Pet Tracker – Even more pet battle stuff
  7. Recount – Because I like parses
  8. Zygor – An amazing guide addon that will tell you how to do anything in game from leveling to working factions and collecting mounts.

That’s it. If I didn’t use ElvUI as a complete UI replacement I would probably have a lot more on that list, but like I said, I prefer to keep things simple. It makes updates much easier, and when something breaks I don’t have to worry about being unable to play. What are some of your favorite addons? Let me know in comments!

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