wurm.20140114.2046Things have been going pretty well in Wurm Online. My priest is closing in on 30 meditation which means she will have the ability (finally) to enchant grass. I have a lot of pens along one side of my deed and I’m looking forward to getting those enchanted. I have also almost finished the crafting hall (pictured above). All that remains is the third floor and the balcony area. After that I’ll be moving on to the villa. I haven’t decided what the layout of that building will be quite yet, but it will have multiple beds so my characters can earn sleep bonus.

Finally there’s the untouched waterfront area of the deed. I raised a few tiles up so there’s a nice flat area for a shipyard but I haven’t decided on what to actually build on the location. Probably another stone house to act as a shipyard, with a pen for horses and bulk storage bins. I also want to finish adding wooden planks to the dock area and path but that will take some time.

Blesse (my main character on Pristine) has been working away at fine carpentry and is getting quite good at it. Once I have that skill at a comfortable level I also want to continue on with my shipbuilding. I just earned the carpentry and masonry titles this week thanks to all of the construction I’ve been doing lately, and the priest has been working away on natural substance so that I can (eventually) make quality dye (as well as lye for leather working).

All in all? Progress is going very well. Wurm is still one of my favorite games and I can’t wait to continue to raise my skills so that I can create better products. I need a lot of lights for the deed and multiple other knickknacks before it starts to feel like home but it is getting there.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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