UntitledI decided to spend most of Sunday in World of Warcraft, working on pet battles. There were a few key achievements I wanted to finish off, not to mention it’s an incredibly relaxing endeavour to partake in. When I had to step away I would just mount up and fly into the air to hang out.

One of my main goals was to defeat 40 master pet tamers so I could earn myself the safari hat. This hat gives a 10% bonus to all experience gained while leveling up pets, and I really wanted to make the task as painless as possible. In order to earn the achievement you have to basically defeat every pet tamer out there – but – you only need to defeat TWO pandaria tamers because the horde and alliance each have their own tamers starting out before you get the quests for the continental ones. I wasn’t aware of this at first, and I was hammering my way through the panda tamers slowly counting down the number of battles to go. I relogged to my 71 deathknight, did her lowbie tamer quests, and before I knew it each character had a safari hat in the mail. I also picked up a handy addon that will automatically swap the hat when I enter a battle.

That wasn’t the only accomplishment I had throughout the day though. I also managed to finish off Raiding with Leashes thanks to help from Kanad. This granted both of us Mr. Bigglesworth, an incredibly cute kitty with magical whiskers. Then I slowly worked through other pet achievements, taming in all of the Pandarian zones, in all of the alliance cities, Northrend, and Cataclysm. It was glorious.

Will these achievements help my character in the future? No, not at all. They don’t grant gear or any special skills and they’re not a true method of progression – but they’re incredibly fun, and I had a great time spending my Sunday this way. I can’t wait to see what fun pet battles I come up against next. I’m working on getting 15 of my pets to 25 so that I can participate in the Celestial Tournaments, but that is quite some time off still.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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