UntitledAs an early Valentines present I received a Trailblazer pack to EverQuest Next Landmark, which I am pretty happy about. At first I was reluctant about the idea of paying for alpha – but then I thought back to my steam games and how many of those are also in alpha. I gave more consideration to the idea that paying for alpha helps to fund these games and enables them to kick off the ground and pay their employees. I looked at the items that the Trailblazer pack comes with and I felt that I was getting pretty good value, name in the credits and all the rest. Plus when it comes right down to it some of my favorite games involve building and creating locations, especially games like Wurm Online, Terraria, Minecraft, and others of that genre. Chances are pretty good that once EQN Landmark releases I would have wandered my way over no matter what, based on that alone.

There is still a lot of confusion out there about what EQN Landmark IS. Developers have been teasing and there are only a few days left before alpha is set to begin. How things will go still has yet to be seen, but yes, I’m excited.

Is it foolish to get excited? It feels like over the years many of my friends have decided that hype is a silly idea, one that we are better off without. However, I am glad that I still get excited about video games. I’m happy that I can still find that sort of passion in a hobby that I really enjoy. Do I think Landmark is the next big thing? Eh, not really. I think we’re past the days where there is ‘one game to rule them all’. Gamers are too diverse and every game eventually becomes niche to some extent. Still, I am looking forward to playing, and creating.

One thought on “Yes, I’ll be playing EQN Landmark”
  1. Nothing wrong with excitement. As it is, @lvrfmsc and myself will be grabbing the Alpha in the next few days. It’s going to be fun.

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