DragonsProphet_20140129_191445To the surprise of a few people I’m sure, there are a handful of SOE games that I’ve never played before. Dragon’s Prophet is one of those games though people should keep in mind that the game is only published by SOE, another company works on the development. A group of my online friends called the Combat Wombats have decided that a Friday night game session is in order. A vote was put forth, and the game that pulled ahead ended up being (much to my surprise) DP.

I installed it throughout the day and logged in tonight to make my way through the tutorial and learn the keyboard controls. Of course the first thing I really wanted to do was learn how to hide the UI (it’s F7) and take screenshots (uncomplicated, it’s PrtScr). Things so far are easy. Left and right mouse button are my current two attacks, and they can also set off combos. I do own two dragons from previous claims, but I have no idea how to use them or what they’re even for, so for now I am just keeping them in my bags. I also got a title, and a cloak. I discovered the game has achievements, something else that I had no idea about.

It’s pretty, though the controls are not the most comfortable for me. I prefer using only keyboard commands where possible. In this game, much like Neverwinter, you use WASD to move about, and the mouse controls your view range. You ‘unlock’ the mouse from view by hitting escape which will pop up menus.

Why have I never played before? I’m honestly not sure. The best reason I can come up with is that the game released at a time where I was completely content with whatever my game of choice happened to be, and I had no reason to branch out. Don’t let that confuse you, I’m not unhappy with my games of choice now, either, I just want to try to be a bit more social this year, and that involves playing with some friends (although I will admit that in Wurm Online I am part of a large active alliance, I still spend most of the time playing by myself). How long will this fascination last? Knowing the group of people I’m playing with, I guess a week. Alright, I’ll give us a bit more credit than that, perhaps a month. If we continue past that I will be delighted. We’ll just have to see.

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