The work in Wurm Online is never done, and it can be hard to keep the list of chores straight. I was pleased when I logged in this morning, there were two baby chicks waiting for me in my pen. That means out of my collection of 44 eggs, two hatched. I’m now the proud owner of Toast, and Joseph. Wonderful names if I do say so myself.

Things go much easier if I break them up into separate days and work through a schedule. For example, my main character Blesse is focusing on working the deed, along with fine carpentry, and shipbuilding. I try to dedicate each play session to a different thing, that way I’m not getting bored, my skills are leveling up, and stuff is getting done. Yesterday I spent the day working on my deed, today I will work shipbuilding, and then tomorrow I’ll focus on fine carpentry. The same can be said for my priest, I generally spend time on the alt praying and working up meditation. Today I burned sleep bonus and worked on natural substance which is the ability that lets me create dye. I created healing covers that I sacrificed for a bit of deed bonus, and I created candles for my snow lanterns which were a christmas gift.

  1. Reinforce Les Reveurs mine
  2. Reinforce Starcrossed Outpost mine
  3. Wooden houses at Starcrossed Outpost
  4. Finish horse pens at Les Reveurs
  5. Build 10 bsb at Les Reveurs
  6. Build 10 small barrels at Les Reveurs
  7. Find Blesse’s affinity
  8. Make Kurwer a lantern
  9. Make 2 beds at Les Reveurs
  10. Finish iron balcony at Les Reveurs

I also had a bit of a scare as one of the avatars made his way to my deed to hang out for a while. These things are gigantic, and can easily catch a player off guard. Thankfully they’re not aggressive.

I love how relaxing Wurm is, and the pride I take in creating the deed and then running it. Working skills is rewarding, and makes the characters worth something. It will be interesting to see how Landmark stacks up as far as a creation game goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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