What have I been up to since I’ve returned to game? Well, to start it off I do have three active accounts – these were the same accounts I had active on EQ1, since station access grants all access across games, I just continued playing them. I’m used to the alt-tab method of boxing, and since EQ2 has a spell queue system, it’s pretty simple. I spent a little time deciding what I wanted my group to be and settled on my coercer/carpenter, fury/sage, berzerker/woodworker for the main group – along with two mercenary. That leaves me with room to invite others to play, or to use the mercenary depending on whether or not I can find a group. Next came leveling. The berzerker and the fury are already 120, but the coercer is(was) sitting at level 100 from when I played last and was leveling in Skyshrine. I’m not sure where to level these days, most people say that questing through PoM is the way to go, and then you can get from 110-120 in about three hours of pre-blood of luclin questing. I’m not quite at that point yet, but I did take the coercer to the Plane of Magic to quest, and she’s sitting at level 105.

Next was to work on their crafting. I’ve been trying to get them all to at least 100 crafter, and then working on the tradeskill quests to raise them further. Right now the sage just hit level 51, and the woodworker and carpenter were already at 100 from last time I played. I have them training their mounts, training their mercenary, training familiars, participating in Overseer – and that’s pretty much where I’m at so far. I’ve been doing two solo dungeons in RoS (current content) but I haven’t continued the timeline yet because I want that coercer to be able to quest as well, and for now she’s too small.

When the summer event starts next week (the 10th is the reported date) I’ll have three more 120 boosts (one per account) and I plan on using them to boost up some alts, not only for the 20% bonus they provide for having max level characters, but also to give me some options if I don’t feel like using the static group. I’ve also been participating in the Festivals that are ongoing, the Tinkerers Fest ends tonight at 1am and the Kelethin city festival is going on right now. With all of the writs I’ve been doing I have a lot of city tokens to be able to spend. Speaking of which, the guild is inching its way towards 95 in which case I MIGHT actually upgrade the guild hall to a T4 hall instead of a T3 one (I can’t actually remember if it’s 95 for this or 100). I know it’s just me actively playing right now, but my guild is compromised of a few real life friends who haven’t played since 2016 and I find the status and plat requirements fairly simple these days.

In any case, that’s where I’m at and what I’m up to! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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