I recently started (another) new character, this time a gnome zerker on my second account. I tend to power level using my husband’s 120 zerker, and I follow zones that I’ve done for years now. We start in Commonlands, head to Wailing Caverns, then go over to Enchanted Lands, Runnyeye, and then Feerrott and Cazic Thule. This time when we showed up Venekor was there waiting, too. Even mentored at level 45 he posed zero threat, and dropped a nice bunch of fabled gear along with a handful of master spells. I am not sure if that stuff sells any more, but I put it all up on the auction house in any case. The zerker is now level 46, and I’ll head to the Sinking Sands to complete the dungeons there some time tomorrow.

I know the popular method of leveling these days is to run Agnostic Dungeons until 96 when they become pointless (and at 100 you can no longer run them at all) but I love exploring the ‘regular’ zones.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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