I know I’ve done quite a few sims 4 legacy start ups over the years, but I’m attempting it once again. I’ve never actually gotten past the third generation, I always end up giving up and I’m not going to promise that this attempt will be any different, but it should be a lot of fun.

I’m starting on a 64×64 lot on the map for the latest expansion, Cottage Living. I bulldozed the property, moved the old family out, and shuffled in my Legacy sim, Velours Legacy. Yes, that’s her last name. I moved the evicted family to a new home but aside from what was mentioned above, I haven’t touched the map.

These days the legacy rules (using that term loose here, rules for legacy Sims are whatever you make of them) let you start with $1800, so I put down a one room shack to protect me from vampires, and was able to afford a toilet, sink, and a cot. Oh, the room has a door, too. No windows, no fancy walls or floors, it’s pretty bare bones.

My legacy sim wants to be an artist, so she picked up a job as a painter. That should come in handy. I haven’t played with cottage living at all but I did almost spend all of my remaining money on a cross stitch bundle for the sim instead of, you know, food.

Let’s see where this takes us! Hopefully I can make it past the 3rd generation this time..

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