This week I created a new character over on the Maj’dul server, and joined a small group of friends who are going through some older content. I decided to go with a Halfling coercer – sometime between when I played last in 2016 and now, they moved enchanters over to the ‘neutral’ category so that you could be either illusionist or coercer with any race available. In the past, coercers were limited to evil races. Illusionists were limited to good races. I love coercers. It’s my favourite class. I also love halflings, they’re my favourite race. It made sense that I went with this combination.

I made it to level 30 pretty easily and that’s where I turned all of my adventure experience to AA so that I could stay at this level for a while. I also decided to go down the jewel craft line for crafting, and I made it to level 55. That lets me get some mount quests out of the way and unlocks some things that would be unavailable unless I raised my adventure level.

Next was to find a home. I’m using my second account for this character, so I don’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that my main account has. I did have a few veteran bonuses to claim, and after touring through a number of different prestige homes, I settled on the Isle of Refuge.

I plan on creating a farm / garden type home for my halfling coercer, and refurbishing the basement that comes in the mage tower into some sort of bedroom. These days there are tons of building blocks and other items you can use to completely build your dream home from scratch, and I’d like mine to be halfling sized. There’s also an editor you can use to make sure your items get placed exactly how you’d like them, flipping and rotating them and all that good stuff. The homeshow channel (/join antonia_ bayle.homeshow) is as active as ever, with competitions and events being posted on the forums, and once again I’m reminded of how hands-on this community is (and how much I love it). For now, there’s very little in the home, but I’m sure that will change with time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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    1. I did see that! I have been saving my station cash though for the 11 new craft books that went in today, so I was hoping not to buy a home but to use what I already have!

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