A ton of my friends are playing FFXIV right now. World of Warcraft is also still being played, but it’s not boasted about as much. I’m playing EQ2 (and EQ1) and meandering my way along – but let’s face it, most of the time you want to be playing where all of your friends are playing. I love FFXIV and I was playing it a lot this year, but no one I knew was playing at the same time as me. I was on a different server (I’m not even sure why) and basically just going through the motions.

Then friends started to trickle back, and then they absolutely flooded back, especially with the announcement of a new expansion. I started getting excited too. I haven’t finished the MSQ (main story quest) yet with current tier content, I think I’m on quests around level 75 or so. I still have things to unlock, and quests to work towards. Not only that, but I absolutely love crafting in this game, so I’ve got that to work on, too. I just recently raised all of my DoH (disciple of the hand) jobs to 70+ (with one at 80) and all of my DoL (disciple of the land) jobs have been at 80 for some time. I also finally leveled a class I enjoy to 80 (bard) so that means I’ve got both bard and dancer sitting there. Next, a healer. Then maybe a tank – having one of each type of job is handy for those days when I want to play one thing or another. FFXIV caters to people like me who always have a BILLION alts – but who don’t really WANT a billion alts, we just want to be able to do it all. Now I can. Easily. Inventory is probably my greatest hold, and I recently went through and cleaned out my retainers making some hefty gil in the meantime thanks to all those new players.

Any way. The point is I WANT to catch up before Endwalker. I’ve got 90 some odd days I believe, and I’m confident that if I actually PLAY the game, I can get there. Or you know I may just continue on as I have been, dipping into all of the pots out there and just enjoying myself. Who knows.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

4 thoughts on “I Want to Catch Up”
  1. I’m much farther behind you, only recently starting Stormblood so I have quite a ways to go to catch up to current content in 3 months. I’m not the fastest going through the story either because I constantly get distracted. I do want to catch up and be involved in the hype of the new expansion releasing but probably won’t be there in time. The MSQ is fine and all, the story’s ok, but it’s just a bit grindy for me when I’m just trying to get through and go from quest to quest to quest over and over.

    1. I would probably be a LOT further behind, but I opted to use the shop and bypass the first expansion MSQ and everything related to that. I like that people can do that, if they want. Bypassing the current tier content is of course not an option (nor would I want it to be) but I too was finding the lower level content very ‘grind’ like, my characters were already the level required and I wasn’t paying enough attention to the story (this was probably a year ago or so). Since it doesn’t affect anyone other than my own character, I didn’t see the harm.

  2. I keep thinking I’m right on the edge of jumping in on this as well. I enjoy FFXIV. It’s a beautiful game, and is very flexible. I’m just waiting for my brain to officially shove me over the edge to just “do it” XD

    1. I would tell the brain to go for it and give that shove. I’m over on Cactaur in Belghast’s guild, and on their super dungeon friends discord – it’s active, but not overwhelmingly so. The server is ACTIVE, there’s a queue most days 24/7 and you have to wait for an odd time of day to create anything there but the world is full of life, and I appreciate that. It’s a great game for wombats who want the option to group but not be FORCED to group for most content. To be a part of things without being a PART of things.

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