My hands have been giving me a lot of difficulty lately, so my posts have been far and few between. I’m hoping to fill in the missing days as I find the energy, but we’ll see. What have I been up to?

I reached level 20 in Black Desert Online, and I’ve (slowly) been wrapping my head around some of the systems the game offers. One, you’re going to be given so many rewards you’re going to stop opening them and they’re going to be meaningless. I have so many treats and goodies and foods and drinks and scrolls and potions I am pretty sure it’s enough for 100 people. I’ve shuffled some off to alts because I simply couldn’t hold it all, and others I’ve just left unclaimed if they didn’t have a timer.

I have been watching some YouTube videos but not as many as I’d like. Today I did a little fishing, and I dried some fish, and did some cooking. I realized that I own a house, with a kitchen in it. Apparently I knew how to craft once upon a time. I have utterly and completely forgotten everything I know. I keep getting ore and gems and trinkets to upgrade gear, but I don’t have the faintest idea how any of that works, and nothing seems to make sense, yet. I also haven’t gotten into workers, or routes, or trade. I know that’s a thing because my bank was filled with eggs, chicken meat, and potatoes. I’m pretty sure my workers are doing that. I had some beer in my inventory that I vaguely remember supplying them with. Who doesn’t like alcoholic workers, after all.

My seasonal character is now higher level then my ‘main’ – but I still know so little, and the season ends on September 15th which means my character will be pushed out into the world unless I start a new seasonal character whenever the next ‘season’ starts. Do I really want to start fresh right away after just creating this character? Unsure. Probably not. I’ll probably just take things slow and meander my way along trying to learn. I feel like the concepts in this game are harder for me to pick up than EVE Online, which says a lot about the complexity of it. Nothing has really been explained yet, and I don’t know when it does. I have so many items in my inventory (from claim, mail etc) that I have no clue what I should keep or what I should set aside. For now I’m vendoring very little, and I’m sure it will make sense.. eventually.

One thing that has really stood out to me so far is – the community – is amazing. People are friendly, chattering in a few channels I apparently am on (I have no idea what those channels are. One is blue, one is orange?) and I even joined a non talking guild that just AFK fishes. That’s the life for me right there. Anyway, people are polite, talkative, and I haven’t seen any sign of .. well, anything negative. It’s refreshing just to watch chat go by. I am not sure if this changes, but it’s been really nice. Plus, the game is just beautiful, and I certainly appreciate that.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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