I mentioned in my last post that so far the community of BDO has been amazing – and I want to give a very specific example. When I first mentioned I was looking to play, one community member left a detailed paragraph on life skills for me, with examples of where I should go for tutorials, handy web sites, and other tips and tricks. I appreciated it so much and I was honestly caught a bit off guard.

It didn’t stop there though, they added my family name to friends (it’s Reveurs for anyone looking to add me) and once in-game, they offered to help me out even further if I so desired. They also provided me with a code for +4 inventory slots and let me tell you, inventory in BDO is something I never ever have enough of. I was so thankful! That would be 4 more extra fish I could carry before needing to sell, or 4 more rewards chosen from the onslaught that I keep getting pelted with.

I’ve been watching more videos, and I feel like I’ve gotten a fairly good grasp on some more in game systems. I can confidently fish (on land, I haven’t done the whole quest/buy a boat thing yet) and I can take those fish to a trade manager and sell them. I haven’t min/max the process yet (I’m not selling them at the most optimal locations in other words) but I feel like I’ve got the basics down. I also purchased a ‘Balenos fishing rod+10’ which was recommended from a fishing video I watched. It was 125,000,000 silver which LOOKS like a lot to me, it was about half of my overall cash, but since fishing is something I can easily do when I’m sleeping or AFK (happens often, I’m a busy Mom of two) it was worth the investment. Inventory space is pretty much the only thing that holds me back now.

I also spent some time watching videos on training horses, where to get them and AFK training. I moved on to breeding horses but I was honestly pretty tired, so I’ll have to re-watch those ones.

My character is level 25 – furthest in the game I’ve ever been. I’ve just been following the main story quests, which reminds me a lot of MSQ in FFXIV. I will have lots of time to explore and do all of the smaller side quests another time. Unfortunately this ‘season’ ends on September 15th and I did NOT take advantage of it as much as I had wished, but that’s OK. My original character is level 18, so I’ve already surpassed her by a few levels. I still have more systems to figure out, but like I keep saying, I’m really enjoying myself and the ‘stuff’ I’m learning is coming in bits and pieces. I don’t mind that. It’s when I’m at a complete standstill that things get frustrating.

So what about BDO being a PvP focused game? Honestly, that doesn’t seem to be the case any more. People in channels were talking about how they had only been PKilled maybe twice in seven years, they avoid the end game PvP areas, and these days there are more options on locations to go and I have the feeling that PvP is a little bit easier to avoid. We’ll just have to see where my adventures take me.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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