Goodness me, another BDO post! I’m even writing this one early. That rarely happens.

Yesterday I was getting a small handle on some game mechanics, and I left my character on overnight doing some fishing. She even earned herself a bit of experience, going from level 24 to 25. What holds me back is my inventory (I have 57 slots out of.. I believe the max is 192 or there about). No big deal, it was still extra income while I slept and I have no issues with that.

Besides the help I’ve been getting from the friend I mentioned in the previous posts, another good friend of mine who I have known for many MANY years now (20-ish) also plays. In fact he has over 20,000 hours of the game displayed on steam – keeping in mind that most of that is probably AFK fishing or training a horse or whatever. No judgement here, I’m basically in awe.

Anyway, he offered to power level my seasonal character because I was honestly a bit sad to hear that the season is ending on the 15th, which is earlier than most people expected. I had slacked for so long that I knew there was no way I was going to ‘finish’ my character. So we rode off on his horse to some place across the map I’ve never been to before, and he used his level 61 character (happens to be the pirate looking one, I forget what class that is) to smush mobs while I stood there and tried not to walk into anything that would eat me. Before I knew it, in less than an hour I had climbed to level 55.


Now, you might look at that and think “but Stargrace, what is the point of power leveling you’re going to miss so much content!” – no, the content is still there waiting for me. I can go complete it any time. For me, leveling has never been that much fun because things I want to do are always gated by that leveling mechanic. I enjoy games like EVE where I can explore the entire universe and never feel hemmed in by my lack of ‘level’. Being told I cannot do something (I think it was processing that required level 30? Some sort of life skill in any case) is annoying. I will gladly take free levels from a friend any day of the week.


Now I’m 55, I’m still working on the quests I obtained at level 25, but I feel a lot less pressure. Next up I’m hoping to figure out how to enchant this gear everyone keeps talking about. Pen? I have no idea what that even means. I have Naru gear, and I enchanted the weapon to +7 and the armor to +5 and that’s about all I know how to do so far. We’ll see how long it takes me to figure out the rest.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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